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Jan Berg, MCC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner
Certified Coaching Supervisor
Certified Mentor Coach

Fircrest, WA
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877-228-2622 Ext 212

Generative Wholeness Practitioner

“Humor, personal development, synergy, adventure…contribution, making a difference, collaboration, giving back…family, community, unity…energy, ease, sweetness, inner peace…joy lightness abundance…synchronicity, conscious choice. My life lives bigger, my days are brighter and my impact is greater…who I am and how I walk in the world has changed forever. Transformative coaching is too powerful to keep to myself!”

Jan Berg, MCC


Since 2000, I have coached with individuals, business owners and work groups who are looking for more effectiveness, balance, motivation, contribution, satisfaction, fulfillment, personal power and joy. I’m a compassionate, gentle, challenging and illuminating partner and advocate, supporting the graceful navigation of change.
I believe our unique experience of the details of our personal and professional lives influences everything else. Our patterns, unexamined, become our prisons. My clients are focused on what they want, despite challenging relationships, aging parents, rebound children, demanding careers, overfilled schedules and previously untended spirituality. I bring personal experience, perspective, playfulness and hope to the process of living full-spectrum lives.


Jan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Puget Sound and a Masters of Arts in Psychology from Antioch University.
Jan is an International Coach Federation, Master Certified Coach, an inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach, a Certified Facilitator of Voice Dialogue and the ICF Washington State 2012 Personal Coach of the Year.

Success stories

  • Action in service to dreams and passions: launching a business, more effective team and client relating, promotion, writing a play, completing a masters degree, earning a teaching credential, doing work that is self-fulfilling and personally rewarding, regularly creating art, retiring to a sailboat.
  • Development of effective relationships and increased productivity in executive teams.
  • Freedom from the tyranny of “should”, reliable connection to inner wisdom as a guide for decision-making and life design.
  • Success through transitions with aging parents, difficult children, strained relationships.
  • Relief from habits and beliefs that have previously resulted in depression, migraines and despair.