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Lyne Tumlinson, PCC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner and Team Leadership Coach

Lawrence, KS
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877-228-2622 Ext 831

As coach, Lyne energetically appreciates, listens to, and challenges clients. She provides safety for openly sharing obstacles along with wins, so that clients discover passion and purpose, seeing previously unnoticed possibilities. With a framework of dynamic goals and accountabilities, opening new perspectives, her clients lead the way to their own success. Confidence in themselves grows as they realize her. Realizing value of working together with diverse personalities, backgrounds, language, and views, the value of coaching shows up at every level. Clients discover their authentic voice to bring their best self to all of life.

Lyne Tumlinson, PCC


Tumlinson’s multi-faceted background includes personality, cultural diversity and leadership development as a perfect storm of preparation for her true calling. Her positions range from serving as lead on global projects (including writing grants and carrying out the work internationally) to coaching non-profit Boards and leadership teams. Lyne’s broad range of experience also includes project management, mindset coaching for athletes, international business consulting, and coaching association executives.


Lyne holds a BA in Psychology, with minors in Business and Russian from University of Northern Colorado. She earned her MA from the University of Kansas in Russian Studies, completed professional coach training with the Coach Training Institute and InviteChange (Advanced Group & Team Coaching).

Lyne is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation, with additional certifications from Strengths Strategy, Reach Personal Branding and is working toward a certification in Mindset Coaching.

Tumlinson also completed training in Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches (the neuroscience of conversations).


Worked with Alpha Phi Omega national service fraternity that was frustrated with toxic leaders. After six months working on communication and trust in the team, relationships had improved without HR or CEO intervention. As a result, successful changes were implemented both in key technology and education processes with improved collaboration and results.

Tumlinson coached leaders in a large national association and 200 individual staff for employee engagement strategies, with the goal of peacefully merging two teams. Clarifying individuals’ strengths, they expanded give-and-take with senior managers, brought more voices to key decisions, and increased strategic collaboration to handle Board decisions.

Worked with a national association’s local chapter executives, clarified natural styles and learned how to work with differences, resulting in improved collaboration, with members and staff with different strengths. With improved communications, members focused on their own strategies, plus needed innovation in their industry, raising visibility and overall performance within the industry.

Coached executive team of an entrepreneurial company that focuses on customers’ experience with data. As it had grown from family-run to small business level, we worked with the top management level to develop organization-wide employee strategy, improving specific skills such as public speaking. Results: clarified employee structure and expectations, enhanced marketing efforts by effectively delegating, revised company vision and continued growth of market share, while maintaining an NPS score in the high 90s.