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Sara Spencer, PCC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner

Seattle, WA

877-228-2622 Ext 219

Sara partners with clients to maximize leadership impact and personal satisfaction with ease. She insightfully helps her clients to live in alignment with their core values to support their desired strategic and organizational vision, while calling forth authenticity and leadership presence. Her guiding philosophy is that effective coaching is grounded by an inside-out approach, which deepens individual awareness to create sustainable change, as well as naturally strengthening leadership capability, team effectiveness and expectations of how intact and cross-functional teams interact with each other. She works with creative individual contributors, teams, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to personal achievement and being a positive ripple in the pond of life.

Sara Spencer, PCC


Sara facilitates individuals, partnerships and teams in achieving long-term excellence, increased self-capacity and success through authentic living. Sara is an entrepreneur and leader with over twenty years of service in a wide range of professional arenas, including aerospace, engineering and manufacturing, e-commerce, business development and planning, and building a direct sales team of over 2,000 people. Clients working with Sara should expect impactful growth and sustained change.


Sara holds a BS in International Business from the University of California and lived in Mexico and Brazil. Received her International MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership from Seattle University. She is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach with 1,500+ hours of leadership coaching experience, a Certified Mentor Coach and Course Leader with inviteCHANGE®. She holds upplementary certifications in DiSC Assessments®, the Birkman Assessment®, Inside Out Coaching®, and other modalities that support balanced living and leadership impact.

Success stories

  • Executive Manufacturing/Operations Director, in six-months restructured his team to include an Executive Leadership Coaching Program. The program intention allowed for greater leadership capability, presence and awareness, improved communication, sustained behavioral changes, and clarity in strategic vision and direction.
  • Engineering Leader: “Sara’s coaching broke down barriers to help me achieve what I want in life. Each session focused on a different aspect of my life. Her coaching allowed me to realize goals and fulfilled my desire for personal and professional growth.”
  • Director of Ski School: “Sara invited me on a discovery process to promote living in alignment with my values, and to embrace my personal leadership vision and goals. She used experiential techniques, such as emotional intelligence and neuroscience tools, to unlock positive change within my training organization and myself. Her approach elevated my awareness of conscious choice, strengthened my leadership competencies, personal accountability, and transparency within my teams.”
  • SPEEA Engineer: “My perspective of my career has changed completely from a passive role, waiting for my accomplishments to be recognized and get promoted, to an active role asking for promotion, seeking out the skill sets needed to advance my career, changing my thought patterns, and routine. My career trajectory has climbed."