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Enterprise Solutions

Generative Character Development Coaching

At a Glance

  • 90-day process supported with data, a tailored Individual Development Plan and coaching.
  • Intentional development planning incorporates two inventories for character trait development.
  • 7 hours of personalized, individual sessions offered on a custom schedule to receive professional coaching based upon desired growth and outcomes. On call support available by email throughout.
  • Resources and tools provided to facilitate effective peer and superior influence based on the values, principles, and practices congruent with company purpose and strategies.

Emotional and Mental Strength Training for Agility

Focus on character development, applied to your day-to-day activity to experience clear vision first of you, then your team and relationships with all stakeholders. You want to know how to translate your personal success to everyone else so the business scales. You also know that your leadership must focus on how to strengthen others for the long term, creating institutional capability to grow with the business.

Goal setting isn’t enough. Learning to perceive more about the employee experience that stimulates curiosity for learning how best to engage and create a total motivation environment. The workforce of tomorrow demands purpose-driven action, sustaining commitment to a high development climate and trusting relationships that respect competence and support aspiration.


  • Individual leaders who seek to strengthen your character traits that drive you to sustain excellence in life, professionally and personally.
  • Individual leaders who want to discover your unique strengths, gain awareness, clarity and alignment between those strengths and your professional role, and engage with a partner who challenges your assumptions that block desired achievement and satisfaction.

The Generative Character Development Coaching Experience

This solution offers an experience that focuses on character development, moving beyond personality management to whole person development, to realize and maximize a leader’s potential. This is suitable for any level of leadership to accelerate development.

A coach and leader candidate design, create and discuss together, in a confidential and tailored fashion, the choices and actions for professional development to fulfill organizational goals relevant for the leader, their team and the sponsor.

The coaching processes incorporates three data-driven tools that allow for meaningful measurement and tie to organizational outcomes. The data and coaching combined orient an individual development plan to increased self-awareness, balance, and agility to shift more spontaneously to context. By incorporating key stakeholder feedback, leaders gain real time perspective about their influence and what will strengthen their positive impact and results.




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Agile Delivery Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 20+ year track record providing robust and dynamic learning experiences tailored to your needs. You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person, or in combination.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods of management and leadership and to better align your teams across the enterprise.

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