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Leader & Team Development

Generative Development Coaching

Generate Competitive Agility and Resilience

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The workforce of tomorrow demands purpose-driven action from and with their leaders. 

Your best talent expects you to:

  • Sustain commitment to a high development climate

  • Create trusting relationships that respect competence

  • Grant autonomy to contribute to enterprise outcomes and mission.

To satisfy desired flexibility and productivity connected to the enterprise culture requires an elevation of managerial and leadership competence. No longer a discretionary investment, addressing destructive leaders who are unprepared for the modern workplace must occur to sustain revenue, as well as talent and customer retention.

Your underlying patterns of human nature and the character that developed through your lived experience may be made visible and transformed. Coaching for development becomes generative by revealing those patters that are – often invisibly – ‘running the show.’

Coaching begins by learning to notice your influence and impact on others, and to become aware of your mindset that chooses how you show up, interact, and make decisions. Once aware, you can gain clarity about what motivates choices, and only then will new, more effective choices become evident and available to invite change in how you manage and lead.


  • Leaders at any level who seek agility by learning how to embody all of your unique strengths, and gain awareness, clarity and alignment between those strengths and your professional role.
  • Leaders who personally recognize that your future success requires development to adapt and elevate contribution by replacing the habits, preferences, assumptions, and biases that block desired achievement and satisfaction.

  • Leaders who anticipate the impact of modern times on workplace climate and culture and want to start right now to prepare all enterprise leaders to evolve and successfully navigate change.

Outcomes of the Experience

Your leader candidate:

  • Focuses on whole-person development that liberates untapped potential.

  • Accelerates adoption of change by replacing management of weaknesses with embodiment of behaviors in all the realms of leading: relationships, creativity, change, action, and order.

  • Gains clarity about what to strengthen by using data-driven feedback about their influence and impact with others and how shifts can produce better business outcomes.

  • Plans coaching session content through a co-created development plan to produce increased self-awareness, balance, and agility to shift more spontaneously in any leadership context.

  • Chooses their partner through an on-demand portal of coaches to enjoy engaging with an ICF certified coach who is also a peer business leader.

  • Accesses a password-protected dashboard for scheduling, materials access, and private online meeting room links to use throughout the coaching period.


Standard 3 Month Engagement

  • 7 total hours of scheduled coaching sessions
  • Live virtual; onsite by request

Call us for a proposal and enterprise pricing schedule.


Adaptive Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 25+ year track record providing robust, generative learning and coaching experiences tailored to the development you desire . You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person experiences, or a combination, optimizing your time and creating immediate value to your business goals.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods to manage and lead yourself that better aligns your engagement with teams across the enterprise.

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