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A message from inviteCHANGE regarding ZOOM Security

Below is our open letter, dated 4/24/2020, to our participants about ZOOM security concerns due to increased traffic in light of COVID-19. If you have questions, please email Email Us or call 425-778-3505 or toll free at 1-877-228-2622.

As a valued customer, your safety and security in our online learning environment is of utmost importance to us. With our world increasingly online, the visibility of ZOOM has increased. We are confident in ZOOM as our platform for Learning and Coaching Programs, and are committed to following best practices to protect you while engaging virtually with inviteCHANGE.

How is inviteCHANGE responding?

  • Following all recommended protocols for security such as locking down screen-sharing and file-sharing privileges
  • Continuing to maintain all classroom URLs privately rather than publishing information on the web or social media
  • Monitoring security releases and assisting our team in updating regularly
  • Strengthening our relationship with our ZOOM Account Manager as a resource for questions and resolution of any problems

How is ZOOM addressing the issues?

  • A 90-day plan to increase security in the wake of greater visibility and attacks
  • Regular updates and release notes on the impact and benefits of each feature
  • Communicating with their accounts to update us on changes and best practices
  • On April 23, ZOOM released a letter from their executive team, with a fact sheet on key updates and security compliance standards. The letter and fact sheet can be forwarded to anyone who may have concerns about the product.

Best practices for you as a ZOOM user

1. Always update to the latest version of ZOOM. Click here for detailed instructions with images.

2. Do not publicly share any ZOOM meeting URL, or your Personal Meeting ID, on social media, your website, etc. Only share with people you trust and on request.

3. If you think your Personal Meeting ID may have been compromised, click here for instructions on changing it.

4. If you host any sort of group meetings, change your personal settings so that only hosts (you and anyone you designate) can Screenshare and File Share, plus disable Whiteboard.

Please email us if you need assistance with any of these items, or have further questions or concerns.


Steve Thorson

Chief Operations Officer

April 24, 2020