inviteCHANGE is affiliated with the Everett Community College Corporate and Continuing Education Center to provide a wide array of coach certification and advanced coach development courses for employees at The Boeing Company. Our affiliation allows for payment of tuition through Learning Together Program funding.

All programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Programs are for all individuals, team leads and managers and workgroup leaders interested in professional coach training to maximize potential in the workplace.

Certified Generative Coach

Credentialed Coach Pathway

Advanced Learning and Coaching

Our signature 17 month program for *new coaches who wish to become certified

    *You are not yet coaching, OR you are coaching less than 4 hours per week in a non-professional setting.

    Our signature program for *practicing coaches working toward ICF credential

      *You are already coaching (different from mentoring) in your role at Boeing.

      Programs for practicing coaches to advance existing ICF credentials, gain Group and Team Coaching skills and Mentor Coaching Certification, as well as coaching support and supervision.

      To Get Started: Visit the EvCC inviteCHANGE page for approval and enrollment information

      Questions? Contact Relationship Advisor Laurie Johnson by email or phone: 228-342-8343

      A Customized Approach for Boeing Employees

      • Practical learning related to individual work goals for maximizing potential
      • Sessions are offered online and scheduled around most Boeing work shifts
      • Personally transformative: Fulfill all necessary requirements to earn an International Coaching Federation Credential award at the Associate & Professional Certified Coach level while working full-time

      Training Outcomes

      • Discover and embody artistry in a coach approach to leading through learning fundamental skills and behaviors for effective coaching
      • Identify and deliver your unique value as a coach in the workplace
      • Know why people resist change and gain tools for supporting others to make sustainable behavior change

      Eligibility to earn:

      • ICF Associate Certified Coach (at 100+ Client Coaching Hours)
      • ICF Professional Certified Coach (at 500+ Client Coaching Hours)
      • Continuing Coach Education Units for ICF credential renewal for practicing coaches.

      Steps to Get Started:

      1. Reach out to our inviteCHANGE Relationship Advisor, Laurie Johnson, at 877-228-2622, ext. 202 for program guidance
      2. Locate the courses that you are interested in taking
      3. Gain approval from your supervisor
        • Coaching is a field of study approved by exception only
        • For those participants who feel that Coaching is a field of study that directly relates to a specific strategic need of the Company or his/her organization, an exception may be requested from their immediate manager of record
        • You should see the exception form when you register through Boeing's LTP system
        • Contact Worklife service center at 866-473-2016 or via e-ticket for any LTP-related questions
      4. After you have approval from your supervisor, submit your voucher from Boeing to to be registered for the class

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