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How do you incorporate gratitude in your daily life?

by Janet Harvey, MCC | February 8, 2018

There is so much confusion, complexity and uncertainty around in the world today we are all looking for some antidote to help us come back into balance and happiness. I was reading a story on the web recently that described the “Hedonic Treadmill Theory” and it explained a lot about what gets in our way of happiness. I used to call this the revolving doorway syndrome and I think the new treadmill metaphor is more descriptive of what occurs inside for each of us.

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Series 1: Creating Your Media Kit and Speaker One Sheet

by Barbara Gobbi | October 9, 2017

We are excited to bring you the first article in our series of 5, designed to share best practices and resources which enhance your abilities to attract quality clients and build a solid foundation for your personal and company brand.

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Everyone and Their Mother is Talking about ‘Coaching’ - What is it Really?

by Sharmin Banu | October 1, 2017

It will be rare to find someone who never heard "coaching" and yet it is one of the most overloaded terms today. Starting from sports coaching, tutoring or mentoring a junior professional, coaching bears a very diverse context. One common denominator though, it is about helping another person getting better at some skill.

In the professional world, coaching is becoming more common in recent years. And that is where it could use little more clarity.

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